The term ‘Womb Blessing’ may be something you are hearing of for the very first time. The reason being that while the rest of the world has experienced it for quite some time, it is only now that it has been brought to India.

As India’s very first & only Moon Mother, it humbles me to be instrumental in bringing the energy & intention of the Divine Feminine to our country and our people. I am deeply grateful to the Divine Feminine for choosing me to work with her throughout this year and bringing me to Miranda Grey to take this beautiful work to greater heights, where woman can get in touch with their inner divinity and send it soaring.

Miranda tells a beautiful story – The First Woman Story – while explaining what a Womb Blessing is and how it benefits us. It is open to all ladies whether with a womb or without, whether in their cycle or not and even little girls so long as they have had their first visit from their cycle as a mark of initiation into their ‘divine feminine self’.

“First Woman was washing clothes and blankets by the river when Moon Mother appeared. First Woman had a pile of blankets that the First Animals had asked her to wash as well. She was tired, but happy.

Moon Mother greeted First Woman. “I’ve been watching you” she said, “and your Womb Bowl is low in energy.”

First Woman looked at her Womb bowl lying in her lower belly, and she noticed with surprise that it was glowing only faintly.

“I have a gift for you” said Moon Mother, and she placed her hands on First woman’s head.

A beautiful ray of moonlight flowed from Moon Mother’s hands down though First Woman’s head, down through her heart and into her Womb Bowl. As her bowl filled, it began to radiate once more with soft white moonlight.

First Woman sighed. “Thank you, Moon Mother” she said. “My gift is always there for you whenever you need it” smiled Moon Mother.

A few days later, after helping the Wolf Clan with their boisterous cubs, First Woman looked at her Womb Bowl and saw that it was low in moonlight once again.

“Fill it with my moonlight” she heard Moon Mother’s voice whisper. So First Woman sat down on a mat and placed her hands over her Womb Bowl. She felt the earth beneath her and her connection to Moon Mother above her, and beautiful moonlight streamed from her hands and filled her Womb Bowl.

It was a busy week and First Woman felt that she was having to fight many challenges. “Fill your heart with my love” she heard Moon Mother’s voice whisper inside her.

And First Woman placed her hands over her breast, and beautiful moonlight streamed from her hands and filled her heart.

That night, as she curled up under her blankets, First Woman’s mind was full of worry. She couldn’t sleep. Once again she heard Moon Mother’s whisper.

“Place your hands over your forehead, and fill with my peace.” First Woman placed her hands on her brow and moonlight radiated from them, filling her head with gentle light.

And then she fell asleep.”

Receiving a Womb Blessing & What happens after:

The Global Womb Blessing energy (being conducted by Rackhee Trust just like the Word Wide Womb Blessings conducted by Miranda along with all the world wide Moon Mothers), is a gift of Divine Feminine Love and Light. But it is not simply a parcel of energy that we are given – it is a process of ‘connection’ or ‘synchronisation’ to a beautiful energy which is always there for us to use. The English term for creating a connection to a specific vibration of energy is an ‘attunement’, and every Womb Blessing is an ‘attunement’.

In the First Woman story, Moon Mother doesn’t just give First Woman a single healing for her Womb Bowl, but instead she empowers First Woman to be able to connect to her moonlight whenever she needs help and healing.

After we’ve received a personal Womb Blessing attunement or a Global Womb Blessing (attunement) we can connect to this energy for our personal self-healing and for restoring our womb energy centre whenever we need it! The more attunements we receive; the more energy we experience.

To register for a Global Womb Blessing with me or to book an appointment for your personal womb blessing, you may write to me at with the subject “Womb Blessing”.
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