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My husband often brings me a book to read when he feels I haven’t taken out time for my inner nourishment. He’s like a mirror, giving an honest reflection of where I really am at, what follies I have and where my strengths lie. The beauty of a mirror is it reflects the truth. Then its up to you how close you want to look or how far you’d like to stand. The mirror doesn’t shout out loud what it thinks of you nor does it point to the blemish on your face or enlarge the scar on your leg or highlight the big nose you’re so embarrassed of. It simply puts it all in front of you, squarely, just as it is, for you to notice and zoom in or out, as much as you may like.

On this day, I was packing to embark on a journey to conduct some transformational workshops in the capital city. Like on some other occasions, my husband brought home a book. This book, unlike the many others bore a library sticker. I carefully examined the sticker, turning the book on its back, noticing it to be fairly worn out and the label reflecting the source, that it came from.

“Oh, you picked this out from the office library!” I exclaimed rhetorically. “What was this doing there? Are you reading it?” A barrage of questions followed.

No, no its for you. I thought it would be great for you to read on your trip since you’re doing a corporate workshop this time and may give you a lot of food for thought…” He continued, excitement in his voice.

Better Health, Better Wealth

Turns out, it was a hectic and blessed trip, like always. One Reiki class after another followed by a power-packed corporate workshop entitled “Better Health, Better Wealth” and few days with both sides of the family, what more could I have asked for?

I’d be in and out of appointments and workshops, barely catching time for a bite of food and then power naps to keep my batteries recharged. “There was no time for that book he gave me…” I thought to myself. “What was he thinking!

Finally on my flight back home, sinking into my aisle seat I realised to my surprise that I was a bundle of energy and wouldn’t be spending the ride back cradled in the arms of this boeing seat.

Sitting back I began reflecting, taking in all that had transpired over the short span of the last 6 odd days. Breathing in and absorbing the power of the Self I experienced in those moments and the light in the hearts of every student/participant- young and old, sat back and reflected. Voices started pouring in. I knew. “It was time to pull out the laptop. Reflections & Musings!” I thought to myself. “How splendid.” I love sitting in a quiet space and just writing, flowing with what comes from the heart. No topic in mind, no destination, just fingers to the key board and click, click, click. And so I did.

After sometime of mid-air musings, it was like the book called out to me. Reaching over into the over-head locker above my neighbour’s seat, for a second time, as quietly as I could manage, I ripped out the white book with a spinach green border. It bore a Buddha figurine on its breast.

I thought to myself, “What a great time to give myself an undivided next 99 minutes!” And so I began picking the leaves of this beautiful book, the gift my husband got me.

Opening and closing the book after every other paragraph, reflecting on the author’s words, penning down the thoughts that flowed, the wisdom that arose and the gratitude that emerged…

Suddenly, “What is a gift, really?” resonated like a boom-box within me. Sitting upright, adjusting my posture slightly, I repeated this question slowly to myself. “What a beautiful gift this is.” I thought “What does it matter where it came from or whether he bought it or borrowed it, whether it cost him anything in money terms or not. What a beautiful gift it is, that he thought of me while rummaging through books in the office library and picked out such a perfect guide that seems to have been waiting there for me to discover it.

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Labels are not sufficient to encompass human beings... they're but man-made limitations to fit our constrained mental perceptions. That said, i'm an ordinary traveller in this extraordinary world. Journeying through this mystical plane of existence, reflecting on the Self, healing the outside through the inner terrain makes life more glorious for me. I bare to you my heart felt stories, philosophical musings, confusion, introspection, mistakes & learnings.

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