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The last few months the world has been sitting on edge following the US Presidential Elections. Today as President-Elect Donald Trump gets sworn in as the President of the United States, much of the world is consumed by fury, swept away with disappointment, fear, insecurity and a sense of instability that rocks several communities and countries around the world.

In the last few hours, since the election results, I’ve been witnessing my emotions as well as the words and emotions of those around me. Look around you. There’s so much disgust, anger, hatred. Yes, we have the right to be infuriated and to have a view. But how we respond and how we act is up to us.

There must be so many people around us, some who we may even call friends, who are bigots, racist, ill treat women, are abusive etc. Perhaps in the darkest hour, darkness is the best weapon against darkness…

Even prior to these elections and their results, there has been enough darkness prevailing within our world and within our hearts. Whether in the form of sexual abuse, terrorism, corruption, bigotry, fraud, war on humanity etc. On the other hand, large number of people across the world are being drawn to turning towards the light. The darker it gets, the more we are drawn towards the light.

Perhaps then, in the larger plan of this Universe, Trump is a trump-card being played by the universe for the upliftment of humanity. Perhaps its time to cease the opportunity and turn to examine the darkness within.

IF you are enraged by his views, by his take on 2nd Amendment Rights, his complete disregard and disrespect for women, his radical views about eliminating immigrants, or the use of nuclear weapons, or his blatant intolerance and hatred towards the Muslim, Hispanic and other (minority) communities; maybe its a chance to think about what you can do to raise the goodness quotient in the world. How can you spread more light in your own community? What part can you play to balance the scales?

If YOU want it to be, then this could be an opportunity, a wake up call to spread light, for good to trump evil and give ourselves even more to the path of global healing and spreading light. Wake up. Become a lightworker. Whatever you do, whatever your path maybe, you can spread the light anyway. It’s up to you to fall prey to the negativity surrounding us or rise to the occasion and transform this into a golden era.

The value of light is only when perceived against the dark and the value of darkness is only palpable against the effulgence of light. What will you dwell on? The light or the darkness?

There are so many avenues for you to reach into the light within and spread it across lives. Go find out, which avenue calls out to you most. Go shine your light.

 Every beam of light across the world will eventually create a fountain of sparklers, cutting through all the darkness we have created. Ignorance will be freed through the light of our hearts. Let’s wake up. Let’s do our bit. Perhaps, trumping trump is just the path to liberating humanity.

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