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This was the time stamp when a beautiful conversation commenced on our class group for our upcoming workshop entitled “Inner Committee of Angels”

Now if there’s anything you know about Angels you may also know that they communicate with us through numbers (apart from various other ways and means). Trust me when I say I was quite the sceptic till I hadn’t experienced their tangible presence in my life itself).

While we have been preparing our inner state to welcome the Angels into our own inner circle for the last few weeks, each one of the students has been having their own unique experiences and interactions with the angels themselves. Often these interactions have lead to the opening up of our consciousness to questions, thoughts, ideas, visions, sounds and smells like never before; each, often turning into reflections.

This was one such beautiful reflection about when someone leaves their physical body. She began by saying, “Probably the soul connects to being of other realms and welcomes them. Then why is it that when we are in the body, we are not so open to other realms.  What is the wall in between?”

The result of this questioning opened up the window of wisdom in another student traveling on this journey. The result was palpable, pure wisdom. And so she replied: “The wall of duality. Lack of awareness. Fear of loosing the self. Finite to infinite! And once such layers are knocked down then, I think we can enter the supreme silence with tremendous focus and oneness to experience any or many realms. This is my perception. And without our knowing or knowledge; we already live in multiple realms at different times and different phases. As we keep talking about different frequencies. With the change of our behaviour/ karmas/ sanskaras/ birth cycles, we keep entering into different realms subtly but when we practice to be silent and when we concentrate fully; we start seeing ourselves going to different higher SATVIC realms”

 The earnestness and yearning in the question itself, coupled with the pure truth of the other student’s response flooded my being with waves of love; revealing what flowed from within me: “Existing on this plane, we are beings contained (or even trapped) within the human body. We often spend our entire life in fascination of the five senses and all we can perceive through them.

 Overcome by our senses and limited by the mind which too is overpowered by the senses, we develop a strong sense of belief that only that which is perceived through these senses is “true”.

When we are sitting at the cross roads of this life and what’s beyond, the senses are tuned down and the mind falls away.

Through these cracks, the soul begins to experience that which lies beyond. The several realms, the beauty and power of existing above and beyond the five senses. Perhaps that’s when there even occurs a struggle between life itself (and transferring over), as the soul, for the very first time, wants to live and experience all that it missed out in this realm. So begins the journey beyond the four walls of this body, the one that we mourn but perhaps the one that is to be rejoiced.”


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