We all have several shadows within us. Remember the feeling, “oh! this is so not me!”? Or times when you have acted out in a way that is against your grain? In a way that is very unlike you? That is a Shadow Self acting out.
Shadows within us are like a neat internal checks-and-balances system which are constantly checking in on our “true self”. So each time a shadow shows up it’s like holding a mirror to who you are, to check on whether that definition of who you are, still holds true.
Often, our Shadow Self comes up in the form of traits, behaviours, belief systems we dislike in others and they act as a trigger to igniting us. Haven’t we all been enraged, heart broken, hurt, insulted or plain defeated at the hands of someone else? If you were to reflect on any one such incident right now, you would notice that something about this person or their behaviour caused you to feel the way you felt.
Has it ever occurred to you that maybe something within you is causing you to be triggered by this person’s traits, behaviours, belief systems? Perhaps the very same trait, behaviour or belief system also lives inside you.

By healing the Shadow Self, “we become complete in ourselves, free of the highs and lows, of finding and losing love, able to radiate love out to the world.”

I know, it is really hard to conceive of this possiblity! I did some “shadow work” during a meditation and later in EFT classes I attended when studying to become a practitioner, only to realise that most of what came up were existing shadows within me. I was brought face to face with my several Shadow Selves during the course of these various processes. In fact, here is a capsule that our “Daily Tap-Cap Group” has been working with to tap on their inner shadows, try it for yourself:
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Working with my Shadow Selves (several of them, one at a time on a continuous basis), I began shedding the baggage of hurt, blame, guilt, anger, fear, sadness, not being able to forgive, resentment, bitterness etc. Not only did this bring about resolution to several of my relationships; with very dear ones, money, my career etc. but also released that Shadow Self from within me!

“We grow free of the needs and conditions that we have placed on love, and we are truly free to love our families and friends, our husbands or wives and ourselves.”

In fact, it was along this journey that I decided to gift myself and all those I come across with the Shadow Meditation to facilitate the revelation, healing and release of various Shadow Selves adopting the tool of meditation. Recently, I also stumbled upon an excerpt (reproduced below) about a person’s meditation experience that gave me more insight about the Shadow Self.
It was this brief paragraph that reminded me of the power of healing the Shadow Self. Sometimes, the Shadow Self just appears before us spontaneously when we create an uncluttered space, free from the mind’s judgment, to allow the subconscious to ‘throw up’ the unnecessary.

Often, our Shadow Self comes up in the form of traits, behaviours, belief systems we dislike in others and they act as a trigger to igniting us.

Just like our body routinely purges waste; our mind, emotional body and consciousness too have a need to be periodically purged. We just tend to miss the awareness sometimes. So when this gentlemen (in the excerpt above) experienced a flood of people coming before him in his meditation, it opened the door for boundless love to flow through. Consciously or unconsciously, the forgiving and ‘moving on’ takes place and he instantly experienced love being his very own nature.
It has been my experience that the more we heal the Shadow Self, the more tangible the experience of and union with the Self becomes. The excerpt above, so beautifully describes the process of our inner evolution to be able to feel our inner love and unconditionally love all that is; “When we truly… live from the love that is who we really are… we begin to see that same love inherent in everything and everyone.
In fact, when you face the Shadow Self, you will notice how it isn’t boundless like the love and joy you feel within. It is constrained by various shackles, conditions and beliefs that we place on it, time after time. Releasing these shackles frees us from the unnecessary limitations and naturally creates room for the Self to emerge.
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Labels are not sufficient to encompass human beings... they're but man-made limitations to fit our constrained mental perceptions. That said, i'm an ordinary traveller in this extraordinary world. Journeying through this mystical plane of existence, reflecting on the Self, healing the outside through the inner terrain makes life more glorious for me. I bare to you my heart felt stories, philosophical musings, confusion, introspection, mistakes & learnings.


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