…I set restrictions on who I should be as a Liberated Seeker, one who isn’t confined within the mind any more. Yet, do you smell the irony?

I thought I must impose perfection on myself if I choose to be the torch bearer. But who defined what perfect is anyway? “Is it yet another laundry list created by the constructs we enslave ourselves within?” I thought to myself.

Now I shouldn’t be a carnivore if I choose this path, but I craved a good piece of something once in a while. So I decided to give in. Judging myself for not being “true” to who I am, I wondered if it would absolve me a little if I told a lie to the world and lived with the lie hidden deep within me.

Or what if I enjoyed being fashionable or attending a music festival and dancing in complete abandon to some new genre of cool music. Would that make me any less who I am?

Or how about if I gave in to one of the inner demons we’re here to overcome? Suppose I got angry and perhaps even said a few things I may regret another time? Did that make me less perfect?

How about if I too felt passionate love for all that which is labeled as “tamasic” in some Indian scriptures. Did that make me less pure?

 To my surprise, the answer I kept receiving from deep within my being was a resounding “NO”! So I decided to really contemplate what all this meant to me and who I really wanted to be.

The simple truth that was uncovered was, “To be yourself no matter what. Live with abandon. Love with abandon. There is no wrong or right.”

And so, as Bryan Adams so beautifully put it,

“Here I am! This is me. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be!”

With all the follies the world created, I am my perfect Self nonetheless. In the words of my Beloved Hafiz,:

But the moon cannot hold a grudge.

It still stops by some nights

And leans over this gentle earth, as over a crib,

And gives a full, wet kiss.

For the moon knows

That God is always amourous—

He will never stop making Love,

For the Truth has been Divinely Conceived

Deeply within each of us.

So who are you and I to hold a grudge against you or I? And who are you or I to judge either your or I? We are the best we could be or so we strive to be.

Unleash the Closeted Seeker within and live your life with complete abandon!!

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Labels are not sufficient to encompass human beings... they're but man-made limitations to fit our constrained mental perceptions. That said, i'm an ordinary traveller in this extraordinary world. Journeying through this mystical plane of existence, reflecting on the Self, healing the outside through the inner terrain makes life more glorious for me. I bare to you my heart felt stories, philosophical musings, confusion, introspection, mistakes & learnings.

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