Slaves of Belief Systems

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A contemplative exercise…

At some point of time or another, we are each a slave of our belief systems. One that many of us struggle with time and again is the belief system surrounding being yourself and sharing about yourself with others.


Have you hesitated at least once in your life, from sharing something close to your heart, be it an opinion, your point of view, what moved you the most about a concert, your experience while staring at the ocean, the emotions that ran through your body while jumping in the rain, your meditation experience or details of a workshop that set you on a path of inner transformation?

We often come to a crossroads of being uncomfortable with publicly sharing things that are close to our heart or things we do for our self-development. Is this selfishness or something else? Or could this be a lack of self-worth? Or just fear of being judged?

Our Daily EFT Group (called the Daily Tap-Cap) is currently studying this theme and we are contemplating certain questions that you too are invited to contemplate and participate in. The belief system (BS) we are working with is “Others may judge me (for sharing what i’m sharing) and feel like i’m forcing something (my view, experience etc.) on to them”The tools for this contemplation are the questions below. Engage by writing back:

1. What is the worst that will happen if people judge me for for what i’ve shared?

2. If they judge me how does that affect me?

3. What does that really mean about me and what does that really mean about them?

4. On a scale of 1-10 how close to my heart is this thing that i’m sharing? How much do I love it or believe in it?

5. What’s the worst that could happen if I be myself?

6. Am I really forcing others to join something i’m doing or just spreading knowledge for people to exercise their choice?

7. What’s the benefit others main gain from my sharing something that has transformed me or helped in my inner journey?

Observe what this exercise does to your inner posture and if you like the work-out it creates for your inner-muscles, let us know if you’d like to join our Daily Tap-Cap group for furthering your inner work, healing and journeying.

Are you a slave of your belief systems or the master of them all? Nothing is permanent or involuntary. Everything has a purpose and each a trigger that can be disconnected, if only you choose to free yourselves from the clutches of these belief systems that tug at the very core of Who You Are.

“May you live at ease, like the lotus in muddy water.”

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Labels are not sufficient to encompass human beings... they're but man-made limitations to fit our constrained mental perceptions. That said, i'm an ordinary traveller in this extraordinary world. Journeying through this mystical plane of existence, reflecting on the Self, healing the outside through the inner terrain makes life more glorious for me. I bare to you my heart felt stories, philosophical musings, confusion, introspection, mistakes & learnings.

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