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Merlin’s Magickal Manifestations (a little bit of magick)

Manifest with me

Just as there are so many legends about Hanuman, Lord Rama, Shiva, Jesus, Moses and many other great beings.

Of course it depends on each one of us to have or not have faith in these legends and their existence. While their physical representations are ones created by man (perhaps based on what we have seen them to be in our meditations and visions), they allow us to experience them and connect with them through these forms.

Merlin is one such legendary Divine Magician. He calls out to us or comes to us in his own time. Just as is my personal story with Merlin. And when he did call out to me, he began to stir a very sweet magic in my life from the very next day.

It is in a very mysterious way that he has made possible a magickal evening with his presence to reach out to several and stir magick in their lives. To know my personal story about Merlin and his magick in my life, you can join us via

Tonight is your individual opportunity to reach out to him and begin to stir magick in your life. It is a night of a very powerful full moon carrying the energy of the universe reaching out to us to make paradigm shifts within.

This time appears to be significant in most world religions & cultures. Here is a snippet from

“In many cultures, people named the full moons as they happened throughout the year; it was a way to keep time. Now we sometimes use nicknames derived from Native American myth or old European folk tales. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the April full moon is known as the Pink Moon because it marked the appearance of a flower called the moss pink, or phlox. That’s likely a Native American tradition because phlox is common in North America and Siberia, as opposed to Europe. It is also called the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon and the Fish Moon.

April full moons mark festivals and holidays in other parts of the world: in India, Hindus celebrate the birth of Hanuman in a festival called Hanuman Jayanti. The April full moon will also mark the beginning of Passover for the Jewish people. In Arabic-speaking Islamic traditions, the night of the full moon is called badr, for full, but the root of the word also has connotations of health and beauty, says Fadwa El Guindi in “By Noon Prayer: The Rhythm of Islam.”

For Christians in England, April was known by the Old English name ēastre-monaþ, or “Easter month.” The date of Easter is the first Sunday following the full moon that itself follows the vernal equinox, on March 21. This year Easter falls on April 16, a week after the full moon.”

So all in all, lets welcome this auspicious time of new beginnings and change with a heart filled with the power of magickal manifestation, Merlin’s mischief and great wisdom and a child’s curiosity and openness to allow the universe to give us the best.

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