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Caterpillar & the butterfly- the story of you & me

Why is it that some of us seem to be suffering so much and others seem to be so evolved, untouched and above it all? For the sake of this tale, how about we call the former guys the caterpillars and the latter guys the butterflies.
Taking a step back from the caterpillars and butterflies for a moment- let’s reflect on the term “Ascension”. What does this phenomenon mean to you? Are you aware or simply fresh-off-the-boat for this one? Either ways, it’s cool. There was a time when I was new to this concept as well, until well- everything began to make a whole lot more sense when I began to study this little (not so little) concept.
Ascension, in its simplest form refers to “rising” to a higher level. The concept of ascension that we are referring to here is the rising or evolution as an entire planet and not just species.
If you consider the period around the years 2011-2012/13 you will recall the turmoil our planet and people were going through globally. To list a few, bombings in Iraq, 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey, three massive bombings in Mumbai, Osama Bin Laden getting captured and killed, the Libyan uprising leading to war, bombings in Moscow, Quran burnings related uproar in Afghanistan, a luxury cruise liner going down under in Italy and the conflict between Israel and Gaza being reignited.
On a personal level i’m sure many of us can recall struggling with our health, career, personal lives and relationships during this period. This was also a time when “end of the earth” as we know it, had been predicted by many including Nostradamus.
According to the theory of ascension and in the field of light-workers and energy healers, the world/earth did come to an end during this time, when the earth’s frequency went to a paradigm shift and realignment.
This reorganisation of the energy system of our planet had (and continues to have) a massive impact on all living beings (the plant kingdom, animal kingdom as well as mankind). Some chose (at a soul level) to flow with the tide and allow the ascension to take them along wherever it chose to go and others chose (at a soul level) to go against the tide and fight (the inevitable).
Now, lets come back to the caterpillar guys and the butterfly guys! The ones who chose to accept the ascension and surrender to the forces of the universe, may have thought going with the flow meant choosing the easy way out and so maybe they expected a bed of roses. To their utter dismay (at least to some of them), this journey was a tedious one. An uphill task, a trek for which perhaps they hadn’t trained. And so began the metamorphosis of the caterpillar guys into free floating butterflies with wings of their own and beautiful colours to flutter around with and spread joy with.
Those caterpillar guys who had already been through their own journey through the universal portal, touching the iridescent cosmic light had been through their growing pains (perhaps several years ago or even lifetimes ahead of some caterpillar guys) earlier on. So they continued to flutter their wings unruffled by the ascension that has mankind going wild.
Others chose to surrender to the ascension of the universe by passing on from their physical form into formlessness and so they passed in many ways and forms and continue to do so. It is only a result of our limited minds that we construe death to be the end. It truly is the end. Just that it’s the end of something (life) as we know it.
So enjoy the ride because you’re already on it, especially if you’re reading this article! It’s a beautiful journey, I can tell you with the benefit of hindsight! From my studies I came to realise that I went through (at least some part) of this journey during the period of 1999-2001/2003. It was the most excruciating of times, a period I felt I may never come out of, and yet when I look back, jagged memories of bygone moments only flood back with increasing waves of gratitude and knowing that it was all for the blessed life I now have which would have been impossible if it weren’t for the growing pains of back then.
After all, did you ever ask the butterfly what it took to shed its entire identity to come into its new found form and splendour?
Some references & good reads about ascension:
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