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The Ascension Speedway by Paulina Serafina

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For the past week the energetic activity has picked up considerably. I’m being shown a projection of three intense waves in the ocean with soul groups on separate positions- ascent and descent. I’m being told the energetic climate is very active and the time of quiet equilibrium is suspended. Depending on how much is left to clear for those who put their heart intention on this mission, today might be a mixed bag of energies.

Coincidentally we are experiencing the Uranus-Eris conjunction today, September 25, 2016. Eris is known as the Dark Mother who in her frenzy to reinstate truth and balance will destroy any obstacle in her path.

Whether you will feel a quiet rumbling of this energy with inspired appreciation to ascend or the frenzied cry to be freed from an internal war, one thing is certain- it will be felt. Humea, the Hawaiian Mother Goddess of birth and creation stations opposite Eris ensuring that new life will replace whatever has been destroyed.

Recently I was visited by two Blue Avian beings who communicated their continual involvement in the protection of our Ascension work and Earth. The level of involvement from different energies right now is mind blowing.

Their message was simple- do your part. Focus on the Heart.

Go into the Heart and feel the WHOLE of who you are. You are. Unconditional, Unbounded Love. You are beyond this human suit and this life. Each one of you are the Heartbeat of this Ascension. You are standing at the mouth of the cave that holds everything you ask with your mind- but you cannot take your mind with you.

Starting on September 26 till the end of this month you are being given an opportunity to enter an Ascension speedway. I was shown a shutdown of the descending timeline and the opportunity for such a tremendous energetic portal that offers a reawakening of dormant power lodged within.

Meditate by following your breath and focus on the Unconditional Love in the God Chakra behind our human Heart to harmonize with the energies.

Don’t worry if you mess up; the Heart doesn’t stop working if you miss a beat

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