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I was probably born with this unique sense of urgency that’s driven me through life so far. Or maybe it’s driven my life or my life has driven it. Who really knows after all?

Often taking me through several phases, one after another. Getting me out of it before I even seem to have had enough of it and yet giving me more than enough of it after all.

This sense of urgency comes up every now and then. As though, perhaps I may not have “enough” “time” in this dimension, on this plane, after all.

Now enough is rather relative a term. I mean, what is really enough? Who is it enough for? When do you really know what is enough and what isn’t? Can it really ever be enough? These are just some questions that run through my limited mental framework as the word enough paces up and down within the four walls of my mind. It has only four walls after all.

And then of course, my eternally favourite question. What is this thing called time? Who really created it? Does it actually exist? A wise person recently told me, time is a dimension we created & we will live in. It only belongs to this realm.

So if time doesn’t really belong to other realms, perhaps all that comes through from there is timeless too. Perhaps I don’t belong to this realm either. Perhaps I am timeless, yet my presence in this realm must be limited in time.

So maybe, after all, I have limited time in this realm.

Then there is so much to be done. Yet none of which I really do. So how can it be mine to do? Yet it feels like it’s being done through me, or so I want to believe. Or perhaps I want to have the sense of “doing” it.

Maybe that’s the reason You have so much compassion for letting me experience it being done through me!

How can I express my gratitude enough for all that you do for me, even between my breaths? For words are not enough to express the gratitude that floods my being. But then again, what is enough?

Perhaps it is all enough, in this time after all.

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Labels are not sufficient to encompass human beings... they're but man-made limitations to fit our constrained mental perceptions. That said, i'm an ordinary traveller in this extraordinary world. Journeying through this mystical plane of existence, reflecting on the Self, healing the outside through the inner terrain makes life more glorious for me. I bare to you my heart felt stories, philosophical musings, confusion, introspection, mistakes & learnings.

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