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The Walls Within


[2/22, 9:44 PM]

This was the time stamp when a beautiful conversation commenced on our class group for our upcoming workshop entitled “Inner Committee of Angels”

Now if there’s anything you know about Angels you may also know that they communicate with us through numbers (apart from various other ways and means). Trust me when I say I was quite the sceptic till I hadn’t experienced their tangible presence in my life itself).

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PoetryThe Koans of Life

After all

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I was probably born with this unique sense of urgency that's driven me through life so far. Or maybe it's driven my life or my life has driven it. Who really knows after all? Often

Bach Flower Therapy, healing naturally

Bach Flower Therapy is a system of natural healing using the 38 basic Flower Essences. A conventional medical practitioner turned herbalist, Dr. Bach took to nature to find the answer to all that afflicted mankind.
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The Koans of Life

Religion & Reiki

What am I missing about Reiki? All living beings are alive because life force is flowing through them. Simply put, Reiki is the life force energy itself that makes life possible. When one’s life force energy is low, we are more susceptible to illness, likely to feel stress, anxiety and fall prey to various emotions
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The Koans of Life

Trumping Trump

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The last few months the world has been sitting on edge following the US Presidential Elections. Today as President-Elect Donald Trump gets sworn in as the President of the United States, much of the world

The Cosmic Opening

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Some of you may have already experienced severe headaches or aches and pains that are unexplainable, recently. Some may experience this in the days to come. The Universe is going through some (what may appear
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